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Announcing Teams

We’re pleased to announce the new Teams functionality in The Teams feature allows you to collaborate with colleagues both across your own organisation and beyond. A team can manage notifications for one or more AWS accounts. Integrations can also be added at a team level - for example, you can get an alert on a Slack channel whenever spots a problem in any of the AWS accounts for the team.
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How We Massively Reduced Our AWS Lambda Bill With Go

'Best Practices' are the IT world's superstitions is built entirely on AWS Lambda. As the first application I’ve worked on built 100% on serverless technologies I’ve learnt a great deal along the way. One thing in particular I’ve learnt: don’t be dogmatic about ‘best practices’. Early on in the build process for I realised that the price model we had come up with and our Lambda costs were out of sync - we were going to lose money on a high percentage of customers if we pressed ahead with the design as it stood.
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Five AWS problems you didn’t know you could have

I created my first AWS account in May 2006, and since then things have changed immensely. At the time there were just two services - S3 and SQS. As I write in August 2018, there are nearly 100!

With all this extra power there is inevitably some extra complexity. This often leads to unexpected results. I’ve compiled a brief list of some of the things even those who have been using the platform for a long time might be surprised to discover can bite them, generally at the most inopportune time.

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Welcome to the blog. My name is Sam Bashton, and I’m the founder and lead developer on

I’m intending this blog to be a source of useful knowledge for anyone running AWS in production. Here you’ll find articles on new AWS launches, obscure AWS knowledge and the infrastructure behind

For my first post, I’d like to talk a little about why I decided to build

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