Who is for? is for anyone running production workloads in AWS. helps you find issues that could cause or are causing site downtime, and makes intelligent recommendations on what to do to fix them.

Does running mean my engineers are now redundant? is a tool that helps engineers find and resolve problems significantly more quickly than they otherwise could. It does not replace the need to have skilled humans who understand the applications you rely on. Having reduces the stress and some of the difficulties of being on-call, but cannot replace human judgement.

How is different from AWS Trusted Advisor?

AWS Trusted Advisor is general tool which aims to ensure your environment is configure according to 'best practice'. Following recommendations from Trusted Advisor will help you build a more resilient and cost effective environment. Trusted Advisor is a 'business as usual' (BAU) tool which is typically consulted on a regular schedule, perhaps weekly or monthly. by contrast is a tool designed to discover and assist in the resolution of problems which exist right now. The goal of is to help engineers find problems and resolve them as quickly as possible, in particular when these problems have led to an outage situation.

Most customers will also use Trusted Advisor.

How is different from AWS CloudWatch?

CloudWatch provides metrics and optionally alarms for services within AWS. CloudWatch is one source of data utilises to discover problems within your AWS account. In order for CloudWatch to alert you to a potential issue, you must have explicitly set an alarm condition - that is, CloudWatch Alarms are suitable only for expected rather than unexpected problems. CloudWatch also cannot provide guidance for resolving problems.

How is different from tools like New Relic and Datadog? is complementary to these tools. Both New Relic and Datadog allow ingestion of CloudWatch metrics, and will tie these in to the overall performance and availability of your site. This is highly useful, but is fundamentally different to We view the whole set of AWS data available - not just CloudWatch metrics, but status and error messages available from the API. In addition, we don't just provide a graph which shows where a problem might lie - we provide a detailed summary of what it seems the problem could be, and how you can fix it. combined with New Relic or Datadog application performance monitoring (APM) makes an excellent combination for understanding problems, and whether they lie within your application codebase, the way in which you are using AWS infrastructure, or your infrastructure configuration.


How does the charging for work? is an entirely pay-as-you-use service, charged based on the number of resources monitored. Each resource counts as one unit, with the exception of AWS Lambda functions, for which a group of up to 10 Lambdas counts as a single resource.

Other than as noted for Lambda, each resource counts as one unit whatever the size - for example, an x1e.32xlarge instance is just one unit, as is a t2.nano instance.

A full list of chargeable resources can be seen on the pricing page.

Can I pay by credit card?

All billing is done via AWS Marketplace, with charges being added to your monthly AWS bill. It is not currently possible to purchase separately.

AWS Accounts

Can I have on multiple accounts?

Yes - just sign up for each account via the AWS Marketplace individually. Once this has been done, the web interface will show you all accounts in aggregate, allowing you to see current problems across any number of AWS accounts.

I have AWS Organizations configured with many accounts - do I need to sign up for each one?

Yes, you must sign up for each account you want to use with, even if they are all consolidated under a single bill.

If I add extra accounts, do they qualify for the free trial too?

Yes, a 30 day free trial is provided for each AWS account from the point at which begins checking resources on that account.

What permissions does require?

We have ensured that we only request the minimum of permissions, and the CloudFormation template we provide to you has been audited by AWS as part of our entry to AWS Marketplace.

You can download a sample template here. We generate a unique external ID per AWS account added, as per AWS recommendations.

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